Terms and Conditions

quick-calcs.com ltd

Conditions of Engagement for preparing structural calculations.

These conditions of engagement describe the terms under which we will be employed by you and the services we will provide.

Our charges for carrying out the design work include preparing structural calculations and sketch details as necessary are as shown on this website or quoted seperately. The information provided will be in a form suitable for approval under the Building Regulations. We will not generally provide full working drawings.

When our work is done from drawings or sketches or any other information provided to us by the customer, we will assume that the information which is provided is correct. Under normal circumstances we will not make any site visits.

The extent of our responsibility will be limited to the specific design items which have been ordered. We will not make any assessment of other parts of the structure.

quick-calcs.com ltd will use reasonable skill, care and diligence in carrying out the design work.

If queries on the design are raised by the BCO, we will deal with these as quickly and efficiently as possible. If additional information is requested by the BCO which in our opinion is either unnecessary or couldn’t have been foreseen at the time the order was placed, then we reserve the right to make an additional charge for this work.

If the BCO or their checking engineers require additional calculations for other parts of the building to be made, a new order will be required before we will be able to carry out the additional work required.

The design will be provided for the sole use of the customer, their professional advisers, the checking authorities and their builders. It is not to be reproduced to a third party, without the permission of this firm.

A PDF copy of the design details will be provided to the customer. The pdf file will be emailed to the address provided by the customer. 

The copyright of the design belongs to quick-calcs.com ltd. The customer will have the right to use the design royalty free for the project it was ordered for. The details should not be used for any other project, without the written authorisation of quick-calcs.com ltd. We accept no responsibility for a design which is used for a different project.

The customer will be entitled to cancel the order at any time. If work has already started on the design then we reserve the right to charge for the work which has been carried out. Refunds will be subject to an administration charge together with a charge to cover any credit card transactions. Details which have already been prepared will be forwarded to the customer in the normal way.

Revisions to the design will require a new order to be placed.

In the case of cancellation by quick-calcs.com ltd, the reason will be explained to the customer and any applicable refunds will be made.

Construction work should not be started until the design has been approved by the Local Authority / NHBC if this is required.

Under no circumstance will our liability to the customer exceed the limit of our Professional Indemnity insurance (currently £1m).

By continuing to place your order you are agreeing to these conditions of engagement.