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Vaulted roof

Sometimes customers want a vaulted roof. With this type of roof the ceiling follows the line of the rafters.  This can be a very attractive feature to a room.  This type of roof has become very popular recently.  Perhaps this is because insulation standards have improved to the extent that heating large spaces is more practical than it used to be.  Whatever the reason, we can provide all the necessary structural calculations for this type of roof.

A ridged vaulted roof is normally formed with rafters and a ridge purlin.  However, if the roof is hipped, then a cranked steel frame is normally used at the top of the hip as well as a ridge purlin.  For small rooms, it is also possible to use a ring beam instead.  Vaulted roofs are not tied together at the bottom of the rafters.  Therefore the horizontal forces from the rafters will try to push the walls out.  However, if vertical support is provided to the tops of the rafters then there will be no horizontal forces in the rafters.

Our design will cover a roof which has one ridge purlin or hip frame.  If you have roof with severeal vaulted areas then please get in touch with us first.

We need the following information to design a vaulted roof

architectural layouts and elevations or sketch drawings with dimensions

the position of any rooflights

the height of the roof

the type of roof covering

the approximate location of the building

Design information

All design work is carried out in accordance with BS5268 and BS5950

The calculations provided will be suitable for Building Regulation approval.