We can provide quotes for any type of project.  Just send us the details and we will provide you with a quote for everything that needs doing.  If you have a letter from Building Control requesting more information, then please send this as well.  If we have already provided you with a quote, then you can use this page to order the calculations. 

It is easier and quicker to email the details to us.  However, details may also be posted if this is better for you.

The quotes we provide will be based on the prices displayed on our website.

Please feel free leave a few comments in the box provided at checkout when you place your order.   That way we will know which project it is for.  This is especially relevant if we have been dealing with your agent and we may not have your name or email address in our records. 

If there have been any alterations to the drawings since we quoted for the job, please make sure we have the latest drawings.  Sometimes the revised drawings may affect our charges.  If this is the case, then we will let you know.  If you are not happy with any revised charges, then we will issue a full refund.

Please note values in the drop down box are exclusive of VAT