Steel beam splices


Steel beam splice


Steel beam splices

Steel beam splices are used when poor access makes it difficult to get a long or heavy steel beam in place. The design of the splice allows the beam to be delivered in 2 sections.  These sections are then bolted together when they are in position.

The splice consists of steel flange plates and web plates which are bolted together with preloaded bolts.  Preloaded bolts clamp the steel sections together and unlike normal bolts, they develop their strength by friction.  This prevents any additional deflection of the beam because of slippage of the bolts.  The design of the plates and bolts enables the connection to be as strong as needed.  It can be designed to be as strong as the rest of the beam. 

All steel beam splices should be properly designed so they do not affect the strength of the beam.  Building Control normally ask for calculations for a beam splice.

Our structural calculations for a steel beam splice includes the design of all the necessary splice plates and bolts.

We need the following information to design steel beam splices

the span of the beam

the section size of the beam (eg a 203x133x30UB)

the original design calculations for the beam (if it has not been designed by us)

the position of the splice along the length of the beam

Design information

All design work is carried out in accordance with BS5950

The calculations provided will be suitable for Building Regulation approval.