Steel beam



Steel beam design

Our steel beam design provides all the details you will need to obtain Building Regulation approval.

For small openings, commercially available lintels are often used.  Most lintel suppliers offer a design service for their products.

However, for longer spans a steel beam is normally a better and cheaper option.

If two beams are needed above the same opening, only one beam design needs to be ordered.  This happens for example where there is a cavity wall above the opening.  For long spans or where there are heavy loads it is sometimes necessary to use a single beam to support a cavity wall.  Beams are noramlly UB’s or UC’s, but hollow sections and channels are sometimes a better choice.

Our structural calculations for a steel beam includes the design of any padstones which may be necessary. We also check the effect of the beam reactions on the supporting walls and foundations where necessary.

We need the following information for a steel beam design

architectural layouts or sketch drawings with dimensions, so we can work out all the loadings on the beam

details of the type of construction

details of any restrictions on the maximum depth of the beam

Design information

All design work is carried out in accordance with BS5950

The calculations provided will be suitable for Building Regulation approval.