New roof trusses


Roof truss design


Roof truss design

New roof trusses may be needed for a number of reasons.  They may either form part of a new roof or they may be a replacement for an existing roof truss.  Our roof truss design covers any type of truss, even non standard types.  However, if you need a new trussed rafter roof then the best thing to do is to go to a specialist supplier. They will provide all the necessary calculations you will need and these will be included in their price.

However, sometimes there are times when the trusses have to be made on site.  This is normally because of access problems, but sometimes it is a client preference.  In these cases we can supply all the necessary structural calculations and details for site fabricated trusses.

King posts trusses on the other hand are often designed by an independant engineer because most joinery shops aren’t able to do this.  This type of truss is often left exposed and is used as a feature in new buildings.

Collar trusses are often site fabricated.  These trusses are used where the ceiling level is above the eaves level.  These trusses spread because the eaves are not tied together.  The trusses therefore need to be designed so that the spread of the truss is kept as small as possible.

Attic trusses are normally used when there is habitable space in the roof.

We need the following information to design new roof trusses

the span and centres of the trusses

the height of the ridge above ceiling level

the position and span of any purlins

the length of the building (at right angles to the trusses)

the type of roof covering (eg slate or concrete tiles)

Design information

All design work is carried out in accordance with BS5268

The calculations provided will be suitable for Building Regulation approval.