Reinforced concrete column


Reinforced concrete column


Reinforced concrete column

Reinforced concrete is an extremely strong and versatile material. Concrete is very strong in compression and the reinforcement also gives the column good tensile bending strength. Size for size a reinforced concrete column is similar in strength to a steel column, and much stronger than a brickwork pier or a timber post. Concrete also has excellent fire resistance properties. This type of column is very useful when there are heavy loads which need supporting. If the column is at ground floor level, it is likely that the column will need a new pad foundation.

Our structural calculations for a reinforced concrete column does not include providing a bending schedule for the reinforcement.  However, this can be ordered as an add on.

We need the following information to design a reinforced concrete column

architectural layouts or sketch drawings with dimensions, so we can work out all the loadings on the column

the height of the column

details of the type of construction (concrete or timber floors, brick or block walls etc)

Design information

All design work is carried out in accordance with BS8110 (The structural use of concrete).

The calculations provided will be suitable for Building Regulation approval.