Portal frames



Portal frame design

Our portal frame design includes the design of the portal frames and the purlins and cladding rails.  It also includes the design of the gable framing and stability bracing.  It also includes the design of the foundations, assuming the ground conditions are suitable for normal pad foundations.

If you also need a detailed design for the connections, then please select this option.

If there is a boundary condition, please tell us when you place the order. A boundary condition is when the building is close enough to a boundary, so that if the was a fire and the building collapsed, it could collapse onto adjoining land.

If you would like us to design the floor slab as well as the building framing then please see this option in the floors section of this website:

We need the following information for a portal frame design

architectural layouts showing the span and centres of the frames

elevations showing the eaves and ridge height of the portal frames

the type of roof cladding

the type of wall cladding

the approximate location of the building (this is needed to work out the wind and snow loadings)

details of any service loadings which will be supported by the steelwork

the position of any doors

information on the ground conditions

Design information

All design work is carried out in accordance with BS5950