Portal frame connections


Portal frame connections


Portal frame connections

Often when steel framed buildings are designed, the frame member sizes are shown on the drawings, but the connection details are left for the fabricator to design. So instead of the joint details, there is a list of the forces for each type of joint. With these forces we can design the portal frame connections for each joint. The number of designs needed will depend on the number of different joints. For instance, assuming all the frames are all the same, there is normally only one design needed for all the eaves joints, one design needed for all the ridge joints and one design needed for the internal columns of multibay frames and one baseplate design.

If we have designed the portal frames then we would use our own analysis results to design the connctions.  This option is included as an add on to our portal frame design package.

We need the following information to design portal frame connections

the connection forces for each joint that needs designing (axial load, shear force and bending moment)

details of the members to be connected (section sizes and mass / m)

Design information

All design work is carried out in accordance with BS5950