Loft conversions


Loft conversions


Loft conversions

Loft conversions are a very useful way of creating extra space.  However, the existing roof structure is often not strong enough to support the weight of the new ceiling.  Also, the existing ceiling joists are rarely strong enough to be used as a habitable floor.

If the loft conversion includes a dormer window, then vertical support will also need to be provided, because the original triangulation of the roof will be lost.

Additional floor beams may also be needed and the new staircase to the loft will have to be trimmed.

Our structural calculations for a loft conversion includes checking the capacity of both the existing roof and the floor. We will also design any necessary strengthening work.

We need the following information to design a loft conversion

plans of the floors below the level of the loft conversion showing the position of the loadbearing walls.

the plans should be drawn to scale

the ridge height of the roof above ceiling joist level

the size, number and positions of the existing purlins

the size and spacing of the existing rafters

the type of roof covering (concrete or clay tiles, slates etc)

the approximate location of the building

Design information

All design work is carried out in accordance with BS5268

The calculations provided will be suitable for Building Regulation approval