Loading check on an existing timber floor


Loading capacity of a timber floor


Loading capacity of a timber floor

Many older buildings were built with floor joists and beams that wouldn’t be considered satisfactory today.  Some modern buildings were not built to the standards they should have been. Sometimes building are subject to a change of use.  As a result of this, it is sometimes necessary to check the loading capacity of a timber floor. 

Our structural calculations to check the loading capacity of a timber floor will show whether the floor is adequate or not. Therefore you will either have the reassurance you need or you will know that strengthening work is required.

If the floor is found to be inadequate, then we can prepare the necessary calculations for any strengthening work which may be required.  If you know the floor is inadequate, then you can add the design of the necessary strengthening work to your order.

Information required

We need the following information in order to assess the loading capacity of a timber floor:

the size and span of the floor joists

the centres of the floor joists

details of any unusual loadings or any partition walls the joists have to support

Design information

All our design work is carried out in accordance with BS5268

The calculations provided will be suitable for Building Regulation approval (if this is required)