Industrial ground floor


Industrial ground floor slab design


Industrial ground floor slab design

Our industrial ground floor slab design is suitable for most commercial buildings.  This type of floor slab is often used in portal framed buildings built for either retail or light industrial use.  The design is based on a ground bearing concrete slab.  Therefore this type of design provides an economic solution which is easy and quick to construct.  However, if the ground conditions on the site are poor, then this type of design will most probably not be suitable.

The slabs may also be used as a foundation to support light mezzanine floor loadings.  This can be much easier and cheaper to build than using individual pads for the mezzanine floor columns.  The floors may need to be thickened beneath the column postions in order to fix the holding down bolts.

The slabs may be reinforced with either steel mesh or fibre reinforcement.  If you have a particular preferance then please let us know and we will try to incorporate it into the design.

The floor slab joint details will be provided because they are an important part of the slab design. 

Our calculations will only deal with the structural aspects of the floor slab.  They will not deal with any insulation requirements.

Information needed for the design of an industrial ground floor slab

plan layout of the building

use of the building, or the imposed loading for the floor

details of any fork lift truck traffic or other point loads

details of any racking loads

position of the main building columns

site investigation information

Design information

Our industrial ground floors are designed in accordance with the Concrete Society Technical Report, TR34 (third edition)