Ground beams


Reinfoced concrete ground beam


Reinforced concrete ground beams are often useful in foundation design to allow a building to span over soft material, or to span over old cellars, drains or some other feature. They are also used when a building has piled foundations to transfer the loads to the piles. With piled foundations the ground beam is normally designed by the piling contractor.

We need the following information to design a reinforced concrete ground beam:

architectural layouts or sketch drawings with dimensions of the property

elevation details showing the height of the walls

the position of the ground beam needed

details of the extent of the poor ground or other feature that the ground beam is to span over

Design information

All designs are carried out in accordance with BS 8110 (The structural use of concrete) and BS 8004:1986 (The code of practice for foundations).

You should satisfy yourself that the excavation for the foundations will not undermine any adjacent foundations or neighbouring ground

Excavations may fall under the Party Wall Act Please seek specialist advice. click for party wall act information