EOT crane gantry


EOT crane gantry


EOT crane gantry

If you are installing an EOT crane in either a new or existing building then you will need an EOT crane gantry designed to support the new crane.  If it is an existing building, then it is generally better to provide an independent frame rather than trying to support the crane on the existing structure. Unless the existing structure was specifically designed for a future crane, it is unlikely to have the spare capacity.

Ideally we need the manufacturers wheel loadings.  However, if these are not available then we can still design the crane gantry based on our own assessment of the loadings.  These will need to be confirmed prior to fabrication.

This design is for an independent EOT crane gantry.  It is not for a crane supported on the main structure.

We need the following information to design an EOT crane gantry

the safe working load of the crane

the span of the crane between the wheel centres

the centres of the carriage wheels

the manufacturers wheel loadings

the duty cycle of the crane

the number of cranes if there is more than one

details of any other service loadings which will be supported by the crane beams

Design information

All design work is carried out in accordance with BS5950