In situ concrete slab


In situ concrete slab


Concrete slab design

Our concrete slab design may be used for either a suspended slab or for a ground floor slab designed to span over poor ground.  Both designs are the same.  The main difference is that the suspended slab is cast on formwork, whereas the ground floor slab is normally cast on the ground.

When the ground conditions are poor, a normal ground bearing slab is not suitable.  They can suffer from large settlements which can result in the floor slab cracking. One option is to use either a suspended timber or concrete ‘beam and block floor’.  However, it is also possible to construct a ground bearing floor. which is designed to span over the poor ground. Often this is the cheapest solution and one often favoured by builders.

Our structural calculations for a concrete slab design includes designing either a one or two way spanning slab, depending on the layout of the building.Two way spanning slabs are more economical, but the choice of which slab to use is determined by the number of supporting walls.

We need the following information for a concrete slab design

architectural layouts or sketch drawings with dimensions, showing the size of the rooms and the supporting walls below

Design information

All designs are carried out in accordance with BS 8110

The calculations provided will be suitable for Building Regulation approval.